Agile, my ass

I work at Proximus, a big incumbent/dinosaur that is under pressure to become more agile. Often, people think that this means we need to be disruptive for ourselves.

downloadWe don’t need to disrupt. We don’t need to spread like a virus. Our organisation is not something that needs to transform into an agile model. We’re not a startup that is in search for a business model. On the contrary, our hierarchical structure is a proven and tested way of ensuring compliance to the long term plan of building, operating and monetizing investment in networks. That is the core strength of our organisation: monetizing investments by offering services.

However, we do need to adapt. What we sell today will be for free tomorrow. The way we extract value from our investments will change. From centralized to decentralized. From subscription based to transaction based. The value we provide will be in how we facilitate interactions between people and organisations. Internet companies call this “become a platform for communities”.

The only way to do this is to recognize and manage both challenges in a separate way:

  • maintain our compliance based structure to keep the machines running
  • create a separate structure in which we try out new things

All other “let’s try to change a little bit” initiatives will not be succesfull.

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