15 hours work to make a 7 minute vlog

Today I released a short 7 minute video about the different things I’m working on professionally. The idea of the video is to get feedback and to prioritise my effort based on how much potential people see in the different projects I do. The video, titled “help me choose my new job” is partly lead […]

Why I left Proximus

After 2.5 years, I have left my position as Head of Innovation at Proximus. I published a video on Youtube to explain my motivation. But since I also have a lot of non-Dutch speaking professional contact, I’ll give an explanation in English is this blogpost. When I started at Proximus, I already told that I would […]

The day I became a meme

It was the third week of my special assignment in Ghent. And then I freaked out. Ghent is a lovely city, but it is quite far from where I live. I need two train transfers to get from my house to where I work. Two more in the evening. If all goes well, this is […]

Millenials in the workplace

Millenials are now between 18 and 34 years old. This means that they have reached middle management positions in the workplace. What will happen when more and more of them will replace the Gen X managers? I bet that agility will take the upper hand over productivity. Careers will become less linear and work will […]

Agile, my ass

I work at Proximus, a big incumbent/dinosaur that is under pressure to become more agile. Often, people think that this means we need to be disruptive for ourselves. We don’t need to disrupt. We don’t need to spread like a virus. Our organisation is not something that needs to transform into an agile model. We’re […]

Design Thinking in marketing

Putting marketing back where it belongs: in the center of the customer experience. Human, Brand, Value Proposition, Journey, Conversation, Costs and Revenue Streams are 7 “lenses” through which you can guide your business. Laurent Bouty, CMO, Academic Director at SolvayBusinessSchool, has build a whole model around that. You can read it here: https://medium.com/@LBouty/design-thinking-in-marketing-f86cd6029632#.nvpuwcyjx  

Help, my WiFi sucks! An in-depth test of various WiFi solutions

Most of the time when the internet doesn’t work, there is a problem with the Wifi connection. Now, to increase the WiFi coverage in your house, you have various options: you can install a second access point, a range extender, a repeater or even a super advanced WiFi mesh network. We tested the differences in […]

A crisis shows us how autonomy works

The horrible events in Brussels are still fresh and slowly business is picking up it’s usual pace again. What strikes me in how we deal with crisis situations like this is the capability we have to organise ourselves despite the unusual or unknown context we’re in. Non-crisis In a non-crisis situation, we are used to […]

Emotional labor

We all know the difference between intellectual labor (working at a desk) and physical labor (working with your hands). But what is emotional labor? Engaged! All the KPI’s in the world can’t change the fact that it is impossible to command emotional engagement. When you are enthusiastic about a task or project, you will perform […]